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Frequently Asked Questions

  • You fill out the form with your Ingress agent name and your email address and it will generate a 6 digit code.
  • You need to copy and paste that 6 digit code into Ingress in the Faction chat. (See Talk to other players using COMM if you need help with that)
  • Our community admins will get notified when you fill out the form and they will check for the 6 digit code in comms. This just allows us to ensure the agent name matches the request.
  • If everything matches, they will send a Slack invite to your email address. This is usually rather quick but real life sometimes gets in the way. Don't forget to check your SPAM folders.
  • Slack is a team management app. It’s main interface is a web based application but there are also very functional Android and iOS apps. It is recommended that you check out the web based interface as some settings can only be modified through the web app.
  • Slack allows us to communicate and share information in a more secure and user friendly environment than the Ingress in game comms system.
  • Ingress is fine to play on your own but it really requires a team effort. By connecting with the local community, we can help you level up and include you in large scale operations where we might do things like clear out all of the Green ENL fields in Barrhaven or toss a multi-layered blue field that covers all of Ottawa.
  • We have some semi-regular group outings where you can meet new people who share a common interest.
  • You can ask for help with clearing out a specific area or taking down problem links/fields that you are unable to get to for various reasons.
  • No. The Slack application requires an email address for us to send you an invite.
  • While you can use any email address to get invited to Slack, we prefer that you use the one associated with your Ingress account. We make use of Google Drive and Google Hangouts when necessary and these both require a “Google Account” to get access. Your Ingress account is a "Google Account" and it will make it easier in the future.
  • We have agents from most of Eastern Ontario and Western Quebec in our community. Basically, if you live/play within an hour or so of Ottawa, we can probably help you. Ideally you should be able to get to Ottawa now and then so that you can participate in group activities but we’re more than willing to help answer questions.
  • If you aren’t within ~20km of Ottawa then you might need to use the Intel web page to send your agent request in Faction comms. Simply zoom in so Ottawa is at the center of your map (or use this Ingress Intel link) and enter your 6 digit number there. This will “centre” your comms entry to look like it it coming from the middle of Ottawa (and thus making sure it shows up on our scanners)
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